Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Can't We Be Friends?

The latest in Pittsburgh politics rivals the plot of Gossip Girl. Mayor Ravenstahl and Councilman Peduto are both requesting bids on revamping our street lights in Pittsburgh. Both are noble causes (because they're the same.) I've previously stated that I think revamping the streetlights is a great idea. But how much effort is being wasted in this duplicity? Yes, Peduto was stepping on the toes of the Mayor's new sustainability coordinator, but Peduto did act on the idea first. Council and the Mayor's office need to compromise on a plan going forward and stop wasting our time and money.

These antics tell me that neither the existing Mayor or anyone on the existing Council deserves my vote come next election. I wish someone would rise above acting like a high school girl and actually lead this city. Carmen? I don't know anything about her and she already sounds better than the ninnies currently pretending to govern our city.


n'at said...

ninnies... lol - I always liked nattering neighbobs.

but to the point: I watched what I could of the council meeting regarding this and the exchange between the sustainability coordinator and Peduto was quite interesting. She laid out her (administration's) game plan and stated that they're working with engineering department at the university of pittsburgh. Peduto countered with a plan which was much broader in scope, as far as, services received from Carnegie Mellon and much further along, with respect to task implementation.

She sheepishly requested that her and the Pitt Engineering Department's efforts be included in Peduto's superior plan.

I lurv bureaucrazy.

Schultz said...

Well, one of the more independent minded council members is running against Luke, so try to keep an open mind come May 19th.

Now, regarding Peduto, the mayor, and this lights fiasco. The reason Peduto is annoyed is that his plan, in conjunction with CMU and the Clinton Climate Initiative, would have positioned the city of Pittsburgh to be a case study for way cities implement and use energy efficient lights. We would be the showcase for how cities use and benefit from energy efficient lighting - we would be "The City of Lights" as Councilwoman Harris said.

The mayor, in an effort to steal Peduto's thunder, announced that he is putting the contracts up for bid, and is skipping all of the important research and work that would be done had we went with the Peduto LED light plan. Basically, the mayor's plan will just mimic what dozens of cities and towns across the US have already done - which is to just switch out the lights. As I learn more about this I plan to post the details to one of my blogs.

illyrias said...

Schultz, I'll look forward to reading your post on the lighting. Like I said, I was originally fond of Peduto's plan.

As I'll be out of the country and am not a registered democrat (and anyone who reads this blog should take it with a grain of salt), I will have little effect on the May 19 primary. However, I will watch for signs of adults in this race.

I'm especially annoyed that these children are pitting University of Pittsburgh versus CMU as opposed to fostering some collaboration between these neighbors or at least some healthy competition.

Schultz said...

I will have little effect on the May 19 primary.

Well that's too bad. There are absentee ballots, and you can always change your registration. I know quite a few Republicans and Independents who are changing their registration to Democrats by the April 20th deadline so they're not stuck with 4 more years of Lukey.

EdHeath said...

A sort of reverse Operation Chaos? (I will resist the urge to snark)

As I recalled, the Peduto plan was being paid for by someone else. Maybe I am wrong about that, I dunno. But if so, then the Mayor is proposing throwing away thousands (or tens or hundreds) of dollars.