Monday, December 15, 2008

Long Term Thinking

Most of us at home have at least debated switching to energy efficient lightbulbs. Now, the city is thinking about it on a grand scale. I applaud it. Personally, I've seen my electricity bill plummet after switching over to energy efficient bulbs. It's an investment that's good for the environment and good for your wallet as a taxpayer and as head-of-household.

Cheers to Councilman Peduto for making the grand gesture to switch all of the city street lights to long lasting LED lights.

For more info check out the full plan.


EdHeath said...

Why didn't this come from our sustainability coordinator?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Eeee, I don't know. It requires a significant upfront investment ($27 million?) and it pays for itself only after 20-some odd years. Given our financial OMG, is this the best investment, and best use of our time? I like greening the city-county building, for example, and that's a huge job. Energy-efficient light sources will be a big part of that. (Hopefully they will make optimal use of natural light. You know, Sunshine?)

If we're going to make big dollar investments, I'd rather it be in city information systems -- and if possible, regional information systems. That's pay for itself even faster, I'll warrant, in terms of having an adept government.

illyrias said...

Agreed with EdHeath. It's disappointing that Peduto couldn't at least get the sustainability coordinator to sign off on the plan, and it shows how split our local politics are.

Bram, I agree with the concern about the money. But will there ever be a good time? I think we'll be missing out if we don't go for it. And we'll be kicking ourselves in ten years that we didn't do it sooner. Plus, Peduto does reference a pretty nice sounding state loan program...

Bram Reichbaum said...

If I remember correctly, the budget projections drop off and start looking a lot better sometime in like 2017. But I realize that's terribly frustrating to contemplaet, and it's not like it isn't subjective when it comes to picking and choosing which investments *are* worthwhile. Resolved that if State Money is seriously involved that changes things.

Nice pic.