Friday, February 6, 2009

Breaking News

What a quiet post-Super Bowl week it's been. The big news item was the hard-hitting
that the Steelers celebratory parade being paid for by the taxpayers - just like every other parade in the city.

Also, Pitt may expel some couch-burning bus-shelter destroying Steelers fanatics. Good for them.

And the NFL has cracked down on local awesome t-shirt makers Commonwealth Press. Hopefully you picked up your Tomlin "Yes We Can" shirt before it went contraband. The black-market value of that shirt has now sky-rocketed.

Mr Chief Executive woke up from his Super Bowl hangover today to intervene on behalf of an airport sculpture. Phew. That's why we pay him the big bucks. Now, there's no fear of the airport ever operating in the black. I expect Mr Mayor will recover some time mid-March.

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Sean said...

Don't forget about the [ceremonial] renaming of our city: