Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Hiatus

Out of Pittsburgh till April, so this blog won´t really be updated in the meantime unless Luke makes the newspapers in Central America.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

News flash: Road construction does not promote clean air quality.

Allegheny County, you fine industries for air quality violations. Then you try to use that money for road construction. Thanks for the watchdog County Manager, Jim Flynn, who questioned this appropriateness.

Thanks also for the Post-Gazette for at least publishing this, but I rescind that thanks for your lackluster ball-busting of the County. For instance, any particular elected officials that I can insult for recommending this use of the money? Your terse article is definitely missing concrete details.

I guess I should be happy that the new drink tax hasn't been ear-marked for this "public transportation" problem.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

40% - 50% what's the difference?

To most people parking in garages in Pittsburgh, there is no difference.

The state has threatened to withhold funding to the city of Pittsburgh if the city doesn't continue dropping the parking tax, presumably to save money for consumers. Unfortunately, the parking garages (aside from the parking authority) are steadfast in refusing to lower their rates correspondingly. Why are they doing this? Supply and demand. They have full lots at their current prices, so they're not going to lower their rates. Frankly, I'm surprised they don't just keep raising them.

Anyone else notice how much we need more parking (or more public transportation) in the city of Pittsburgh? I've only once made the mistake of attempting to drive into the city of Pittsburgh and park on a weekday. I was trying to go to my closest DMV station to get my license changed to a PA license. After a frustrated hour or so driving around to various full lots, I gave up and went to the suburbs. To those who say this city is dead/dying, have you tried to park in the city on a weekday??

Where am I rambling to here? There should be a goldmine for building another parking garage in the city of Pittsburgh. Investment Opportunity #342 after I get myself some venture capital.

Of course, the city does die at night while everyone flees to suburbia and leaves me plenty of free street parking for a night on the town checking out the Harris theater or the Gallery Crawl or just walking around enjoying the city and being happy I moved here.


They're expecting an extra $50,000 in the county coffers after Saturday's Steelers game from the new drink tax. Just at Heinz field. (

Couldn't help but notice Onorato publicly bribing municipalities to give up their own police departments... (

I wonder where he's getting the money to do that? But certainly it's just a fortunate mistake that the drink tax is estimated to bring in WAY more money than is needed to bail out Port Authority.