Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Black & Gold Profits

If you're in business in Pittsburgh and you did not make a boat-load of extra money over the weekend, you need to re-work your strategy.

Every bar on the South Side was packed starting at 12pm on Sunday. By the end of the night, I'm sure there were some 5-figure tabs.

I stopped at 3 stores on Monday before finding a copy of the Post-Gazette, after enduring almost unbearable loading times on the newspaper's website. One day they'll find a way to effectively cash in on website hits and double all their writer's salaries.

Dick's Sporting Goods re-opened its 13 area stores immediately following the Super Bowl and sold out of most gear. People stopped to buy clothing on the way home from their partying - or maybe as a stop in the partying process?

If you're a coffee shop downtown, stop reading. You should be peddling your hot cocoa and steaming cups of joe on the street today to those 250,000 freezing fans waiting for the parade.

Or you can be sentimental like Eat'n'Park and let your employees go watch the parade. But I'd recommend having already cashed in by selling Black & Gold cappuccinos for the past 3 weeks alongside your Steelers emblem cupcakes. Not everybody can have Smiley Cookies.

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