Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Rules

In recent economic times, there is a simple rule of thumb. Don't fly on private jets, give extravagant bonuses, or plan "lavish parties" while begging for money from the government. This is a lesson learned the hard way by automakers and financial whizzes alike. The auto executives learned to carpool. However, North Shore Constructors are a little slow on the uptake. Luckily(*), we have an executive-leaning Onorato to slap them around. Angry Onorato canceled their upcoming shindig to celebrate completion of the tunnels.

Port Authority's take? The party had nothing to do with them. They weren't even invited (which is pretty mean, don't you think?) In truth, Port Authority also doesn't have the clout to make a phone call to stop the party. However, the American public won't care about little details like that when judging us on the front page of USA Today. They'll care that this is just one more instance of wasteful spending during a recession when companies should be saving for the next rainy day instead of holding their hands out for yet another bailout. Thankfully, Dan Onorato decided to take up the mantle of leadership and rain on their party.

No party until AFTER we get the money. Cool? Thanks! In the meantime, how about a potluck?

(*) Yes, I never thought I'd say much positive about Onorato either. I'm glad he's proved me wrong.


Jerry said...

Assuming this was to be a party for the folks out there digging ditches, I don't think there's a comparison to be made between this and auto executives flying private jets to DC to plead poverty. Even if it was a party for the executives on the project, I bet the cost was no more than $25000, small potatoes in the bigger picture.

More importantly: "this part of the project came in on time and under budget" according to Kevin Evanto. What the hell? These guys save the county money and Onorato turns around and pisses on them when they try to congratulate themselves? Using money that had already been allocated to them anyhow?

Good ol' Populist Dan, making a good show over the littlest things while ignoring the massive financial problems this county has.

matthew said...

lets just say i know someone who works on this project. as it has already been stated, this was not the port authoritys money. you own a company, your staff ( from top to bottom ) makes you a great deal of money and you want to reward them. i dont understand the woa. nevermind whoelse was or was not invited its private money. i would love to see anyone show me a county official who has NOT had lunch meetings or other questionable expenses on the true tax payers dollar. maybe we should turn our focus on each county employees expense report, im sure it would quickly surpass the planned party for the employees of the north shore connector.

illyrias said...

I hope the party is for the construction workers.

Since Matthew know someone who works on the project, why doesn't he ask them if they'd rather work for another 6 months or have a party at Heinz field?

Like I said, have the party later. Just not now. Right now, this project and a lot of jobs are on the line. It's not the time to be celebrating.