Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puke On This

I can't wait to see what Pittsburgh Hoagie has to say about the health department's response to recent allegations about the rate and quality of restaurant inspections.

I have some questions. Dr Dixon says he has enough inspectors yet has only inspected 90% of restaurants. Huh? He says that violations are often minor and unavoidable, but what about the ones that aren't?

You might think that 90% of restaurants is enough. But I don't. Anyone who's ever gotten food poisoning should agree with me.


EdHeath said...

I can't tell whether you are saying Matt did a good job in the post you linked to or not. But by reading the PG story Matt linked to and comparing it to the PG story you linked to, you can see that Dixon evolved in a couple of weeks from admitting their might be a problem to denying there is one. Onorato strikes again, I think.

illyrias said...

I thought Matt did a very good job skewering the public health department.

I agree. Dixon appears to have completely back-pedaled on this one, weaseling out of any responsibility or even admittance of what the Post-Gazette discovered.

My main point: Food poisoning is bad, and the health department has not convinced me that they're working effectively to prevent it.