Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"City sources" say there will not be a parade if the Steelers win the Super Bowl - or as Mind Bling says - WHEN the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

Why? You ask.

"Concerns are that the cost would be a budget buster and the parade would cause safety issues."

Bull Shit.

Onorato, Ravenstahl, and Rendell are willing to take time off to fly down to Tampa?

They're willing to hold pep rallies and have a Terrible Tree? They're willing to make terrible bets and change their name?

But no parade?

Indianapolis had a parade in 2007.

The Giants had a parade in 2008.

And no Steelers parade?

Bull shit.

If it's a money issue - ask for a $1 donation from everyone that shows up. The quarter million should cover it.

Safety issue? Give me a break. Too many people downtown? If only that was a regular problem. Oh, no. They had to arrest 34 people last time or 0.0136% of the attendees. Sounds like a manage-able crisis to me.

Or maybe RavenSteelerstahl thinks that only elected officials should celebrate a victory?

Bull shit.


Schultz said...

Mayor Steelerstahl doesn't exactly "think", he does what "the boss" Dan the man or "the godfather" Fast Eddie Rendell tell him to do.

Mindbling said...

Amen sister friend!

Jermaine said...

Where did you hear this? That would be an absolute disgrace!!! I hope it's simply a (false) rumor.

illyrias said...

Well, I link to the source. Supposedly, "city sources say".

Onorato and company appear to be back-peddling a bit now:

n'at said...

... they're currently negotiating an agreement with Phat Man Dee and Bill Deasy to co-marshall the parade...

Bram Reichbaum said...

A council member happened to tell me it was on morning television today -- so it's not just a net rumor.

Matt H said...

There will be a parade of some sort.