Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Table Games Or Not

"Some think live table games are a bad hand." Some think over-legislation is bull shit. In particular, me. Either make live table games legal and tax them, or don't. Don't make certain live table games legal and others illegal so that an electronics game vendor can make an extra buck.

Not surprisingly, Rich Orlando, President of TDN Money Systems, "the largest supplier of electronic table games to the state's nine casinos", does not want live table games.

But Mr. Orlando also believes the demise of electronic table games could end up costing the state money. He argues that the games -- in essence slot machines -- produce on average more revenue than will the live versions, which are more labor intensive and will have a far lower tax rate.

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Anonymous said...

In related news, the chairman of Exxon Oil came out against exploring energy alternatives...

Big Pharma execs say it would be a mistake to allow prescription medication to be imported from Canada...

And Eat n Park is suing any other cookie featuring two dots and a curved line.