Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Say No More to the Abuse

Obviously, I'm upset about the alleged beating of a high school student (Jordan Miles) by 3 undercover cops in Homewood. I'm upset that the Fraternal Order of Police doesn't see anything wrong with the "aggressive" arrest of a boy with a bottle of pop. It's especially trying to believe that the boy deserved this treatment when he's a senior at one of the best city schools, CAPA (Pittsburgh's Creative And Performing Arts High School).

The Fraternal Order of Police on Tuesday praised the officers for their efforts at removing guns from the streets and said their actions in arresting Mr. Miles were "correct and law-abiding."


Anonymous said...

The police don't see this as abuse. They refer to it as "redding up a perp."

I guess they didn't get it all out during the G20.

JenEngland said...

Also watch out for divisive language to be introduced as a back door technique to dissipating the situation. I heard one station last night say the incident has increased racial tension. Huh? I think they meant ppl realize that the cops beat the kid b/c he was black and in a poor neighborhood, but racial tension also can be used to divide advocates and weaken a movement. Watch for the other side to try to sew those seeds to wedge the response into two camps.

Roxy said...

I went to CAPA years ago in the old building and I have two children there now. I don't doubt the police didn't know what school he came from but I would never expect a kid from that school to be considered a perp in anything. That had to have realized he didn't have a gun when they were using sticks to beat him with. Just sick and sad that children have to go through these things. I for one certainly do not agree that it was justified at all.