Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Council Presidents

"I have issues with both [declared contestants], to be honest," Councilwoman Theresa Smith said yesterday. Mr. Burgess seems too close to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, she said, and Mr. Peduto seems too far away.

Councilman Peduto has shown backbone. He took a strong stance against Ravenstahl's tuition tax. However, he has repeatedly shown that when push comes to shove, he can work with Ravenstahl on issues from street lights to over-arching reform.

Let's give Peduto a chance to keep Ravenstahl on his toes and compromise when needed.


Anonymous said...

Plus, as Bram says, he might become mayor if Onorato becomes governor and Luke becomes County Chief Exec!

Grimace said...

Peduto seems to fold it in to the mayor's wishes when push comes to shove more than he actually stands up to him.

rich10e said...

Bill Peduto is a good and decent man. Council and the city would be well served with him as their President.