Thursday, January 7, 2010

Important Pittsburgh Events of 2009

2009/2010 is having a rocky transition in Pittsburgh Politics. With about 8 hours to spare in 2009, Mayor Ravenstahl vetoed city council legislation that had passed unanimously 10 days prior without so much as making any opposition public knowledge in said prior 10 days. Then in the first session of 2010, everyone had an agenda for council president (including Mayor Ravenstahl yet again), and Councilwoman Harris emerged as the new president within moments of the public knowing she was a candidate.

But let's look further back on 2009:
1) Mayor Ravenstahl handily won both the Pittsburgh democratic primary and mayoral election.
2) Pittsburgh hosted the G-20 Summit.
3) 3 Innocent women and 3 police officers doing their jobs were heartlessly murdered.
4) The city became ever more bike-friendly with bike racks and more trails.
5) Unfair property assessments were rejected by the courts yet again.
6) The Pittsburgh Promise helped pay for tuition for lots of Pittsburgh students.
7) Grocery stores in Pennsylvania are starting to sell 6-packs. Is this the beginning of the end of the PLCB?
8) I had a good time in Cleveland.
9) The Steelers won the Super Bowl, and the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, celebrated by much destruction and parading.
10) I went to Peru, Argentina, and Alaska over a period of 4 months this year and still managed to keep this blog alive.

All in all, it wasn't such a bad year, but here's to hoping next year is better.

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