Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking Ahead in Pittsburgh

One door closes, another door opens and all that.

UPMC Braddock officially closed on Sunday, but today County Executive Onorato announced plans to demolish the former hospital and build office-space in its stead.

Mayor Ravenstahl vetoed prevailing wage legislation on New Year's Eve, but the new crop of City Council has once again unanimously passed prevailing wage legislation.

I watched Flashdance last night, and can't help but appreciate the work that the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has done in minimizing the city's strip clubs. 25 Years from now, will I be praising them for ridding the city of casinos? Or cursing the overwhelming amount of art galleries, theaters, and music venues?

Pittsburgh Comet has closed its doors. Who will fill the void? Time will tell.

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n'at said...

RE: Braddock - Tony Buba's pissed, we'll see if Fetterman et al. will follow suit.

RE: Flashdance - Seen Gung Ho, yet? Filmed around the area. It always reminds me of the unfortunate circumstances that lead to Volkswagen closing their westmoreland facility.

RE: Cultural Trust - CondomNation always had the best greeting cards in dahntahn IMHO.