Monday, May 18, 2009

Turning Over A New Leaf?

County Executive Onorato has been barking up the right tree lately. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the lame green metaphors. Maybe it has something to do with my recent visit to the Amazon.)

Onorato is moving forward with a Green Roof on the County Building while Ravenstahl is dragging his heals on plans to make the city-county building more energy efficient.

He is also touting the CCAC Green Institute - Preparing our workers to be "Green Collar" as well as educating county residents on making their homes more energy efficient are keys to continuing to succeed as a region.

And most importantly, Onorato is putting a renewed focus on transit projects for the region - especially Downtown-Oakland which could be a vital connector.


shadow said...

"Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato [...] envisions the Downtown-to-Oakland line connecting to a circulator system -- possibly using technology similar to West Virginia University's Personal Rapid Transit system "

We had that already. It was called Skybus. There was a huge argument. We didn't build it. The "T" got built instead, years later, for more money.

Schultz said...

The problem is that the funds both Onorato and Rep. Doyle are requesting is for more studies of the two projects. They've done enough studies of the Oakland to Downtown light rail link. Had they made up their minds on one of the alternatives recommended by the SWPAC it could have been one of the "shovel ready" light rail projects that is now getting funding from the stimulus bill. They are right to start requesting federal funds because the iron is hot, however, other regions are way ahead of us. New light rail projects in DC, Denver, Arizona and even friggin Utah are receiving federal stimulus funding.

Infinonymous said...

There is a penalty associated with the two top local officials both picking the wrong horse (Hillary Clinton), then publicly snubbing the winner by walking out early during campaign events, just before he attempts to introduce you.

There also is a penalty associated with electing public officials like that.

In both cases, the consequence is that you get to stand in line behind Utah.

Infinonymous said...

Of course, there are far more important things to cry in your beer about.