Thursday, May 7, 2009

Biking For Mayor

Even if biking is not your thing, it is still worth-while to peruse Bike-PGHs mayoral interviews. The candidate responses are classic.

Robinson: Terse and to the point, but I think most of us would like to see her giving some longer answers as she is still the unknown quantity in this race. Still, I agree with her ideas. Let's kick some cars to the curb and get some bike lanes on 5th and Forbes in Oakland.

Ravenstahl: Repetitive. Can he be more boring? In answering almost every single question, he manages to mention the bike coordinator and the 2 bike lanes that have been striped in the city. Good things yes, but I'm not satisfied.

Dowd: Well thought out answers. And he bikes to work on a regular basis. I especially like his idea of a city-run network of urban bike rental. How about some city bike lockers while we're at it?

Kudos to all the candidates for taking the time to respond to Bike-PGH.

Bike-PGH can't endorse a candidate because they're a 501(c)3, but I have a strong feeling that if this survey is any indication, the members of Bike-PGH will be voting for Dowd.


Paz said...

Too bad there aren't any of him popping a wheelie.

WDOphotography said...

Robinson has some great ideas but is a real hot head and Ravenstahl is too busy pocketing money from supporters and taking credit for stuff he had little or nothing to do with.

I like what Dowd is all about, I just wish he'd talk about himself more and Ravestale less.