Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keep Barking

Beer distributors continue to bark up the wrong tree. Wexford Beer Distributors is speaking out against the possibility of Giant Eagle selling six packs of beer at their "restaurant." They claim that it will hurt their sales. You know what hurts sales? Only being able to buy 24-packs of beer! We live in an antiquated state that insists that beer, liquor and wine must be doled out by the state (for a hefty profit) and instead of working for more freedoms, the beer distributors insist of fighting to maintain the pathetic status quo. I'm sick of my tax dollars paying for customer greeting programs and re-branding of our liquor stores, so that they can overcharge me even more for their limited, inconvenient selection. Obviously, anyone working in the state liquor stores with their pension and cushy state job doesn't mind the status quo too much, but beer distributors are fighting the fight for no good reason. In the end, Giant Eagle with its team of lawyers will win this battle and they will start to open up sales state-wide, and unless beer distributors jump on the progress bandwagon, I'll have a hard time feeling sorry for them when they fall by the wayside.

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