Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's Missing?

Yesterday, Mayor Ravenstahl issued a directive to post justifications for all contracts issued since the last time he insisted that city departments publicly post contracts.

And tada!

"City staff worked into the evening and by 8 p.m. had posted online 29 justification forms for city contracts" Only 84 to go!

I discovered these bid justifications on the finance department's website, but clicking on a few of the justifications leads to a lot of NAs and no actual information. Hopefully, these are place-holders for information that will actually be filled in.

A brief look at the Parks and Recreation Department's bids reveals that all were less than $10,000 in value and not actually advertised. All 4 posted happened to go to the same biddee who also happened to be the only biddee but coincidences aside at least they always pick the lowest bid. Hmmm....

These forms are really lovely. They are just missing one teensy-weensy insignificant detail if you ask me. THE DOLLAR AMOUNT OF THE ACTUAL BID!!!! Not even a spot for it on the form. Who designed this form??

2 more directives and another 60 days and maybe we'll have some actual transparency. In the meantime, can the Parks Department stop blindly giving away all contracts to J.T. Sauer & Associates, Inc.?

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