Thursday, December 11, 2008

neighborhoodwalk 2 - public art

neighborhoodwalk - public art, originally uploaded by cjette.

This is the newest public art in my neighborhood.

This representation of the South Side Slopes was forged out of the same steel as the US Steel building and will thereby last forever. The artist included abstract details such as houses, trees, streets and stairs.

This piece of art was made possible by the Elm Street program.

For more public art, check out other neighborhoodwalk 2 entries.


Anonymous said...

That's a very cool piece indeed.

The Elm Street program is wonderful. I'm working with a Main Street program now (covers retail/commerce areas, while the Elm Street program covers residential areas), and it offers terrific resources. I hope we'll be able to get an Elm Street program going eventually too.

Thanks for suggesting the Public Art idea for this neighborhood walk!

Lady D said...

Oh, I didn't realized that the Public Art idea was yours. I really enjoyed this "assignement." I've admired the pieces I wrote about for a long time and this gave me the opportunity to research them more.

P.S. I love the South Side Slopes!