Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Making a City

This year, multiple multi-year projects that I've contributed to are coming to fruition. In particular, I'm proud of the Knoxville Incline Greenway and the Oakley Street Mosaic Steps.

I attended classes with GTECH Strategies for over a year and met neighbors from throughout the Hilltop while working on creating the Knoxville Incline Greenway. For the Oakley Street Mosaic Steps public art project, I worked with a small committee to plan the project, and am currently working with dozens of neighbors to create ~200 Square Feet of artist-designed mosaic tile. People throughout the city have been willing to donate their time, energy, money, and imagination to turn these ideas into a reality.

Pittsburgh is a city where if you have an idea, you can find like-minded people and make it happen. In the process of these projects, I've met and worked with my city Councilman, Mayor, many city employees, many non-profits, and most importantly many neighbors. In other cities I've lived, I would have been hard-pressed to tell you who any of these people are.

Pittsburgh is far from perfect, but this summer, I'm feeling happy to be here and raising my newborn daughter here.

So what's your idea?

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