Monday, September 21, 2009

Registering for the Pittsburgh Party

Welcome to the Democratic governor's race, Mr. Hoeffel.

I'm currently registered to vote as an Independent. I'm not a huge fan of either the Republican or Democratic parties, though I do have a tendency to vote Democrat.

The longer I live in Pittsburgh, the more politically handicapped I feel by not being registered as a Democrat. I happened to be out of the country when Hillary and Barack were competing in the National Democratic primary. Similarly, I skipped town when the recent Pittsburgh Democratic mayoral primary took place. But I figure I may actually be in town one of these years for the Democratic primary. Especially if there's a decent Democrat running against Dan Onorato.

Anyone out there not registered as a Democrat? Are there any drawbacks to registering as a Democrat? Any reason I shouldn't fill out this form?


Schultz said...

If PA had open primaries then I would recommended staying independent, because Pittsburgh Democrats like Luke Ravenstahl and Jimmy Motznik, not to mention Johnstown's John Murtha, give the party a bad name. Since it does not, and you clearly want to vote for ABD (anyone but Dan) for Governor, and you live in the city, then I would recommend switching to Democrat because as you know in the city the primaries are the real deal for local elections.

Schultz said...

Is anyone else annoyed that boss Rendell and the Obama administration are backing Arlen Specter for Senate? I'm annoyed because I think Joe Sestak would be a great US Senator for PA, and would be a more reliable vote than Specter on the issues that really matter to us.

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