Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recent Signs of Union Death

Is Union approval becoming the kiss of death in Pittsburgh and beyond?

Currently, city police, fire, and municipal unions are opposing Harrisburg pension legislation. They are clearly the most affected by any changes in the management of the system. I think we're choosing between a rock (Pittsburgh) and a hard place (Harrisburg). Yet the powers-that-be in Harrisburg (minus Senator Orie) are all in favor of pushing Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and any other problematic pension system towards the hard place as quickly as possible. For a more in-depth look at the city's pension problems, check out nullspace writer Chris Briem's iPension.

On Labor Day, Biden led a union rally in favor of Arlen Specter. Elsewhere, President Obama was giving a speech at a union party in Cincinnati, rallying the union in support of health care reform. The union members cheered for Obama and Biden both. But what are the odds of Specter or Health Insurance reform will pass the vote? All I'm saying is I wouldn't necessarily want to win union favor in the upcoming mayoral election.

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