Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look Twice

Look twice, save a life.

That's the motorcycle awareness motto, but it's my new motto for bicyclists. Pittsburgh has a ton of bicyclists around especially in the college student neighborhood of Oakland. Yesterday the driver of a white Ford pickup truck didn't look twice. Today Mr. Ruihui Lin is dead.

Look twice, save a life. Try it.

And as a city, let's get serious about bike safety. Some bike lanes in East Liberty are fine and dandy, but let's put some on Forbes Ave or Fifth Ave. Those are seriously treacherous routes that are crucial for the college student biking community.

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EdHeath said...

I really like the idea of bike lanes on Forbes and/or Fifth.

Never happen. Right now, in fact there is the Gates building being built on Forbes, blocking a lane and causing headaches, and there was and might still be construction on Fifth at Neville, blocking a lane and causing headaches. Drivers would never stand for permanent lane blocking, and would just mow down unsuspecting bicyclists. Might just as well let the cyclists know that no one is watching out for them, and they have to be careful.

Do they still have those signs on Fifth Avenue that say bicyclists are not allowed on the sidewalk?