Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Dear Kevin Acklin,

Please publicly renounce your campaign supporters who are disputing Harris's petition signers. I am one of those signers (a valid one as far as I know). I signed his petition because I want more choices, more voices, and more ideas in this election. When I was asked to sign the petition, I confirmed that I was a voter in the city of Pittsburgh.

In entering this Fall's mayoral election, you are fighting an uphill battle. Your supporters would be much better serving your campaign in phone banks and knocking door-to-door. Instead they spent a pathetic number of hours scrutinizing the competition by analyzing the 3,270 people who are happy to see another name on the ballot.



Thomas said...

pghisacity, if you verified that you were a registered voter then your signature should be fine, right? My understanding was that Acklin only challenged signatures from people who aren't registered to vote in the city, signatures which should be disqualified anyway. If Dok has the signatures, then great. Let him on the ballot. But if the only people he could get to sign are from Cranberry, that is a problem.

I am glad he challenged them. Dok is talking the talk but almost all of his money is coming from the suburbs and almost half the people who signed his petition don't live in Pittsburgh. We don't need some rich kid from Sewickley coming in here and telling us how to run our own city.

Infinonymous said...


(1) Acklin reportedly has already admitted that more than 800 of more than 3,000 signatures are valid. That means Harris needs to win on about 300 of 2200 contested signatures. I like Harris' chances and can't understand Acklin's motives.

(2) I agree that Dok Harris might not be the best person to tell Pittsburghers how to run their city . . . but it has become obvious that someone is needed to do it. Who should it be?

illyrias said...

Thomas, the only piece that I'm confused about is whether I could only add my name to one person's petition. I never saw anyone looking for signatures for Acklin, but I probably would have signed that one, too.