Monday, July 20, 2009

PennDOT Hates Drivers

I understand that road construction is a complicated beast which is exorbitantly expensive and can take many years. But when you have millions of dollars lined up, and a plan in place, why does PennDOT repeatedly and obnoxiously step in the way, slow things down, and make the lives of Pittsburgh residents miserable?

Instead of looking into commuter rail options on Rte 28 years ago, PennDOT is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on adjusting the lanes. PennDOT is currently negatively impacting retail and everyone on East Carson Street to add turning lanes. The city was ready to go ahead with rehabilitating a decrepit McArdle bridge, but: has taken longer than anticipated to get PennDOT to review and certify the plan.

Maybe they were too busy designing signs to spend stimulus money on? No delays there.

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n'at said...

PennDOT has the power of the purse, and has their own mouths to feed - so to speak. Can't really blame them entirely, considering that particular bridge should have been replaced 10 or more years ago. So Pittsburgh is behind, as based on this backhanded attempt of informing the public of the city's federally funded public works capital projects:

They cant even link to it off the city's own website, let alone, host this information?