Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pittsburgh St Patty's Day

IMG_0047, originally uploaded by ccs-pics.

Walking about today, I can't help but realize that today is St Patrick's day, not March 17. While I'm normally a big fan of partying up for any reason, I'm a bit concerned about Pittsburgh-ers predilection for this holiday. Tonight, I will not be driving anywhere and I sincerely hope that anyone who is driving is sober and careful. I'd hate to see pictures of squashed green cowboy hats and bloodied emerald t-shirts as tomorrow's headlines.

Enjoy the parade and public transportation today. Perhaps if the city of Pittsburgh made all the buses free today, the roads would be safer and they could pay a few less cops overtime.

(photo courtesy of the creative commons license posted on flickr by css-pics )

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Schultz said...

The city can't make that call, it would have to be on the Port Authority, but did take the T in yesterday afternoon and both cars were packed. I was happy to see so many revelers going green on the greenest day of the year.