Monday, June 9, 2008

Please please please please please!

Please just pass a smoking ban bill.

I don't necessarily agree with the infringements of people's rights in passing this bill (if I'm to objectively think about instead of selfishly thinking about it.) However, the reason senators aren't passing this bill isn't because they think it violates peoples' rights, it's because they want to be able to put Allegheny County on an equal level with Philadelphia. Literally, all that is stopping 10 democratic senators from voting on this is that Allegheny County doesn't have the right to make the law stricter but Philadelphia County does. Of course, why stop there?? Why just Allegheny County and Philadelphia (and maybe Scranton if we're feeling generous.) Since when does our government get run by the majority at the expense of the minority?? Isn't that the whole purpose of checks and balances??

I've gotten off track again. Please, State Senate and House, just pass a damned bill!


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