Thursday, June 5, 2008

I See Dead People

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to stop reading news about Harrisburg. I'll be like China's google ignoring that tanks ever rolled into Tiananmen Square. In the mean time, I have to rant about the Science Center and the "Bodies" exhibit and reactionary politics.

Yes, some NY judges decided that it's wrong to display human bodies without having a record of where these bodies came from because they clearly have existing laws in place governing the ethical treatment of dead bodies.

Yes, thousands and thousands of people have seen these bodies nationally waiting in line and paying ridiculous sums of money without blinking an eye and without thinking about their sources.

Yes, it was highly publicized that the source of these bodies was controversial and the group that presented the exhibit (Premier Exhibitions) only responded with vague jargon refusing to say where exactly the bodies came from, which is one of the many reasons why I personally declined to see this exhibit in Pittsburgh.

Yes, some angry man (perhaps Representative Mike Fleck himself) ignorantly visited the exhibit and then read that he had potentially looked at poor tortured human-rights-less bodies instead of just run-of-the-mill creepy dead bodies. Perhaps he thought that in China on your driver's license you get an orange sticker if you want to donate your organs or body after you die? Perhaps, he just ignored the facts until they were shoved down his throat by the New York court system. Now, he's even more angry and playing childish games in Harrisburg to threaten funding for an important educational institution, while attempting to add yet more red tape to our state government. New York clearly has a law or two that deals with dead people, and I'm sure Pennsylvania does too. Although, knowing Pennsylvania, those laws are exempt in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


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