Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why do I drink at the bars?

Bar-goers in Pittsburgh have caught a lot of flack lately.
The general sentiment I've heard condones the drink tax, stating that it mostly affects binging college students, as though respectable, money-earning people don't go to the bar, as though it's somehow more shameful to go out to the bar after the age 22 instead of staying inside and drinking a case of beer.

To be frank, this pisses me off. I moved to Pittsburgh in August (young person #28 this year), and I like to go out to the bar. There's nothing more fun in Pittsburgh than the crowd at a Pittsburgh bar on a Steelers game day. And a weekday happy hour on the South Side is usually calm and casual - except at Nakama. If I can get beer at the bar for almost as cheap as I can buy it by the case, I will gladly do so for the social interaction value alone. In fact, I have bought one case of beer since August, but I've gone out to the bar at least once a week. Does that make me a bad person? Why am I suddenly the person who needs to pay the burden of public transportation in this whole county?

I won't stop going to the bars, and I surely hope that other people in this city don't let it deter them either, but this tax will definitely affect me and my purchasing power.

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