Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fed up with the Drink Tax

I've been inspired to write about Pittsburgh. The City.
The county sickens me.
How many county councilors felt so awful because they had to vote for the drink tax?? AND the car rental tax?? But they just HAD to do it in order to raise $30 Million for the Transit Authority.

Now, it comes out officially that the powers that be (read: Dan Onorato) have vastly underestimated the money those taxes will bring in. His response if there's extra money: "He said he'd be happy to deal with the problem if more money is collected," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Not that he'd be happy to lower the taxes next year, not that he'd consider getting rid of these ridiculous taxes, but that he'd be happy to take the extra money. Where is the outrage here except from the obviously biased restaurant group???

The Red Cross got lots of shit when they tried to use the money donated to them for 9/11 in other charities. Let me tell you, I have much less faith in Mr. Dan-wants-to-be-governor-and-get-rid-of-the-city-of-Pittsburgh. If he puts that money to funding more public commuting options in the city, then I'll eat my words and enjoy every last bite. Otherwise, I'll be campaigning against him in whatever race he's running in and hoping I'm not alone.

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