Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Important Announcements for this Week in Pittsburgh

1) Today (Tuesday), the parking lease proposals are due. 7 Firms were given the opportunity to submit their bids by 4PM today. Run on over to nullspace to make your proposal guesses now!

2) Thursday, we learn once and for all whether the Civic Arena will be imploded. Who am I kidding? They'll decide to implode it, and then we'll be in for another round of appeals from the "Re-Use the Igloo" folks. Perhaps their best argument so far has been this image:

3) Podcamp Pittsburgh is this weekend. To sweeten the pot, has given me 50 bumper stickers to dole out to my Pittsburgh-crazed groupies. Since I don't have groupies, anyone I see at Podcamp will be eligible for a PghIsACity-themed bumper sticker (while supplies last.)

Made my signs


Epanastrophe said...

They keep saying that "Removing the building would ... allow for the restoration of the street grid that once connected the Hill District and Downtown, one destroyed when the arena was built" (PG, today).

How are they going to restore the street grid when there's still going to be a BIG FREAKIN' HIGHWAY in the middle? Or are they going to tear that down, too?

(Word verification: kingend. Now there's an idea...)

Lady Elaine said...

Actually you forgot one more. . . The Steelers are playing.