Monday, November 3, 2008

la la land

Maglev from the airport to downtown. It would be sweet, wouldn't it? I'd also like a subway from Oakland to Downtown. I'd also like a more regular train to Cleveland, DC, Harrisburg, and New York City. I'd also like a subway from Oakland to Downtown. Oops. I mentioned that one twice. In my dream list of public transportation extensions and improvements, Maglev makes it on the list for me in the year 2108 - unless I can get to DC, New York, or Philadelphia on it. The Post-Gazette and the Trib have gracefully ignored the latest potential grant money for Maglev support. Instead, you'll have to rely on the journalism of WPXI for your Maglev gossip.

The federal government just found $45 Million of overlooked Maglev dedicated money for which they're accepting applications. Of course, it would be stupid to not apply for free money from the government, but let's be honest with ourselves. It's living in la la land to focus our attention, high hopes, and potential billions of dollars on Maglev. Let's finish the North Shore Connector while envisioning a perfectly viable light rail solution to the airport. And at the same time, let's put some serious focus on making the buses better (giving PAT money and assisting in union negotiations would help there) and having a real public transportation system that actually connects Downtown to Oakland. I'm personally a fan of this plan for public transportation in Pittsburgh.

Am I living in la la land, too? Sure, but I do have high hopes for public transportation in Pittsburgh after we get past the current union crisis. I hear Sophie Masloff was heavily involved in ending the last transit strike. Maybe if she doesn't win the presidential election, she can step in again locally. Personally, I'll vote her in for County Executive.

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