Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Well

A couple months ago, I was pleased to learn that PA does not use federal abstinence-only education funding. Unfortunately, Harrisburg is about to change that. They promise no state money will pay for abstinence-only education, but what does that mean for us? It could mean that any community running short on money might be encouraged by Harrisburg to pursue abstinence-only education. It seems to me that it will result in less state money for sex education (or lack thereof) and it can only mean bad things. Well, you had a good fight for 5 years, but eventually everyone wants their millions of extra federal dollars.

I can just envision the stodgy conservative dimwit now, "but why does it hurt you if some small community in four-trailer-one-stoplight, PA teaches abstinence-only in line with their strong morals? Why are you inflicting your wanton ways on these poor people???" Pretty soon, we'll just have an exception for Philly and maybe Pittsburgh and the rest of the state will be all-abstinence all the time. Yippee for Harrisburg!


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