Monday, July 14, 2008

Where is Mr Onorato spending our money now??

Regarding building a wicked expensive new sports facility in Allegheny County:

"Few city or county governments around the country operate such expansive sports facilities because they are expensive to build and even harder to maintain, Mr. Heasley said."

Of course, in a county as tight for money as we are, where we needed to implement the drink tax and the car rental tax, where our citizens can't afford to pay a dime more in property tax, where is this money coming from in Allegheny?? Onorato, where is this money coming from? Why are you promising millions of dollars in a public-relations move while the rest of us are being nickle and dimed over a beer at the bar? Why are you wasting our money on a sports field for "non-traditional" games?

This new complex may be "just what we need for soccer in the region," but it is not what we need for success and jobs and moving forward out of our interminable slump. Can we actually focus on our problems and their potential solutions instead of fluff like soccer complexes?


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