Friday, May 2, 2008

Something I Learned in Kindergarten...


A 10% drink tax brings in too much revenue.
The restaurants and general drinking public are pissed off that a drink tax was introduced to pay for Port Authority, and want to just eliminate the tax.
Mr Onorato feels that he has the right to tax the hell out of the county unless it involves raising property taxes and refuses to bend on the drink tax.
No one actually knows what the general public feels because we haven't had a chance to vote on this issue.

How about we compromise?
How about a 5% drink tax? Why hasn't anyone suggested that?

Councilman Chuck McCullough has the right idea. He wants to reduce the tax to 5% starting July 1. Of course, then he wants to eliminate it next year without offering a replacement source of funding, which isn't a compromise at all and thereby has no chance of passing in a council vote.

Maybe we should start electing kindergarten teachers to the County Council?

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Sean said...

That could well be Councilman McCullough's way of appearing to tend to the screaming masses while not actually decreasing the cash influx. Come election time, he can sell himself as having spoken out against the drink tax.